Ye Mystic Krewe of the Nautilus


Chillin’ Music Fest in Tampa is proud to have Ye Mystic Krewe of the Nautilus as a community partner.

Mission Statement

Ye Mystic Krewe of Nautilus mission is to promote Florida environmental awareness and conservation through friendly partnerships, education, charity sponsorship and community service. We volunteer and participate in various clean-up and reef projects in the Tampa Bay area.

They also raise funds for the Florida Aquarium and the 1 Voice Foundation in order to enhance current programs for children with specific medical ailments. And to pay homage to our muse, they plan trips to Key West to visit environmentally protected and sensitive areas and toast the sunset!

Chillin’ Music Fest is committed to the people and culture of the Tampa/St Petersburg area and one of our goals is to enhance the quality of life within this great community. Chillin’ Music Fest is co-sponsored by Chillin’ For Kids.  As part of our community outreach programs, both Chillin’ Music Fest and Chillin’ For Kids, will directly assist local charities whose objectives are to provide financial and/or moral support for local children and their families, as well as other community improvements.